25 de mayo de 2011

In Sofia. Visit from Romania and new friends! Days 87-93

Days 87-93:

Soviet Army Monument. Sofia

We also had time to teach!
These days we started to go to Art Hostel regularly, the place where Adri and Josemi were collaborating with. It’s a very nice place, I have mentioned it before in this blog. They often organize cultural activities, and there are a cool atmosphere during the evenings in their cellar-pub. In this warm place we started to meet Miriam and Eli (both are also from Cantabria!), who would be very good friends weeks later. Welcome! ;)

On Thursday, 18th November, we received another Spanish visit, but this time they didn’t came from so far… Juan (a friend from Cantabria) and three Galician friends travelled by car from Timisoara (Romania) where they are studying this year. The same night they came, there was an Eramus Party on “My Mojito” club, so it was a perfect opportunity to receive them properly. All the Spanish crew there, so funny, until late.

Our objective!! Vitosha !

The man!!
The next day they visited city highlights (cultural and gastronomic) and prepared for the trip to Vitosha’s highest point, which is named Cherni Vrah (2.290 m). I was anxious to get it, because I had been living in Sofia for 3 months and I hadn’t try it yet. So there we went Juan and the three Galicians, Pacas, Monroy and me. Miriam and Eli finally didn’t come… buhhh! We arrived to Aleko Hut after a looong way up by car, and the fact is that we thought we were almost on the top… But really not yet, because firstly we needed to walk for an hour and a half to reach Cherni Vrah summit (the second half of the way over snow). There are another Hut which gives life to the place. It was cold up there, with the fog freezing us. After a meal and a beer (we carried it to here, so it was compulsory to drink it), we started the returning. One hour later we were in the car.

That night was a very good one, partying with all these people and Miriam, Eli and Beatrice (an Italian friend). We had been ejected from Sports1 (our preferred pub to watch Real Madrid matches, until that day…) in strange circumstances, so we had to move to a new place. We finished rocking hard in Rocknrolla until closing time. The next day, Juan and the Galicians left Sofia with a big hangover and some good experiences with them!

Pau, Pacas, Monroy, Jon, Toni, Marcos and Juan

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  1. que grande el pacas jajaaja. Me hubiese gustado una rutuca de ese pelo en mi tiempo... pero nos dedicamos a bajar kameniztas