23 de mayo de 2011

In Sofia. Days 80-86

Days 80-86:

Saúl left Sofia to continue travelling to Belgrade, as part of his touristic-guide field-work, but Charli and Luisma were going to stay a few days more with us (until Thursday). During the mornings we continued with our classes, but we had the rest of the day free to spend time with them. On Tuesday 9, we went to the west side of Vitosha mountain, where Kopitoto TV tower is. We explored a bit around an abandoned chair lift and took some pics of the city. We also stopped at the nearly historic Boyana church, but it was being repaired and closed to public.

Views from west Vitosha

On Wednesday, at last, we went to the Museum of Military History, a desired visit for weeks. Also, we met there with Milena, a couchsurfer who wanted to learn a little Spanish. We were delighted by the impressive outdoor collection of tanks, missiles, jet-fighters, helicopters and rest of stuff. Most of them from Cold War times, but also from I and II World Wars. But not less spectacular was inside the museum building (entrance fee only 1€), with three floors full of war History. In addition, they were chronologically arranged, starting with Prehistoric items and weapons, continuing with ancient Thracian remains, medieval armors and swords, Ottoman-times stuff… and finally all the weaponry from both World Wars, Cold War and modern times. I had been in Moscow military museum two years ago , and I can say that this one have nothing to envy the Russian one. It’s complete and fully documented. That visit led us to watch again the memorable serie “Band of Brothers” during the next few days, although there is no direct relation!

Attack Helicopter MI-24 Hind

MAZ-543 Scud Launcher

Soviet 2K11 Krug SAM System
Anti Aircraft Complex S-75 Dvina

Problems in one of my teeth’s nerve fucked me for two or three days, and increased dramatically our PES played hours. A visit to the dentist is quite cheaper than in Spain, but is still a not enjoyable thing to do.

Sofia from Kopitoto (Vitosha)

Putin arriving to President's Office
Vladimir Putin visited Sofia on Saturday 13, and we waited –beer in hand- for his appearance in front of the President’s Office. Many official black cars, tens of bodyguards… and some people cheering him, remembering us the historic friendship between Russia and Bulgaria. That night I went with the “Malagueños” to a Couchsurfing meeting (they do one every 13th) where we were introduced to new people (thanks to Ronnie and the rest). This global community is absolutely fantastic, really good vibrations between people and lots of possibilities. Sofia has an active local CS group, which organizes several activities per month. This time, the event was in “Memories”, a pub in Kniaz Boris 66. It was perfect to practice English again, after a period full of Spanish visits. We moved later to “Backstage”, with an interesting Balkan music DJ.

At the end of the week, we tried (without success) to find a shooting centre. They are quite popular in Sofia, and you pay for practice shooting with different guns and rifles. There is no doubt, we were really influenced by this "military" week!!

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  1. amazing war museum, dear marcos, and a amazing night in velikjo tarnovo, with the dead moving around us

  2. PD: todavia vive el bonito recuerdo de ver como habia un homenaje a luisma y a mi en el villas pasiegas

  3. Cierto es!! en un equipo de altísimos valores humanos, justo era reconocer vuestra labor !