29 de mayo de 2011

In Sofia. Days 101-107

Days 101-107:

29th November. Yeah, it was the day that Barça humbled Real Madrid (5-0). We watched it in a big pizzeria at Studenski Grad (Universitary area) with all the Erasmus friends. Dark evening for Monroy… but fortunately for him most of us were followers of the loser. Because I had drunk some beer, Miriam drove my car back to the center. It was the first time that another person (apart from me) drove it, and just then the Police stopped us beside Alexander Nevski Cathedral, and asked for all the papers. Miriam took the responsibility and talked with the policeman (or should I say sweet-talked??) until he was absolutely convinced than we were a nice Spanish students who didn’t deserve any fine for some stupid detail related with car irregularities.

CSKA Sofia - Besiktas . Hardcore supporters
On Thursday, the car had another revision in which was necessary to change two or three little things… all the day spent in the clandestine garage that I`ve mentioned previously in this blog. This also caused that I couldn't be on time for the match CSKA Sofia-Besiktas, and join the rest to watch it and wave Guti. But at least the car was ready to receive my family in the oncoming weekend. On Friday we had a funny dinner at Dybaka with some of our class-mates (Vencislava, Dobroslava, Svetoslav). Later we went to Rocknrolla, where we met with Miriam and Eli, and we partied and sang in the karaoke until closing time (as usually in this club). Fun-loving girls, these two!!

Marcos, Eli, Beatrice, Pacas, Monroy and Miriam at Rocknrolla!
She likes hot water fountains!

Saturday was the day in which my parents and sisters had to flight to Sofia, but EXACTLY that day exploded the air traffic controllers crisis in Spain, paralyzing all the air-traffic for 24 hours. At least I could recover myself to receive them with full forces on Sunday afternoon. We had dinner all together, and specially amusing was when I gave to Claudia (my 5 years-old sister) some presents (thanks Des)… she was probably what I missed the most during my time abroad. We didn’t have many time that day to see much, but at least we walked along the illuminated historic centre, and they enjoyed with it (better not to see other dark neighborhoods at night…). Next day: Rila's Monastery!