17 de junio de 2011

Rila Monastery. Days 108-109

 Days 108-109:

One of its last performances

I had been in Rila Monastery 2 years ago in my previous visit to this beautiful country, and I knew it would be a nice one-day trip for my family in their short time here. With one thousand years of history, being one of the most important cultural and religious centres in South-East Europe. The Monastery is a “must-see” if you come to Sofia and have the chance to travel the hour and a half (by car) to get the place, hidden in the mountains. We went there with the renewed Golf, which was running perfect. My family enjoyed with the views to Rila Mountains, the isolated villages near the road, and of course: the Monastery. Although the entrance to the complex is free, we paid a expensive fee to access to the museum, which has tens of very old pieces from medieval times. Rafail's cross, which was made during 12 long years by a monk (until he lost his sight) is the most impressive thing. My family tasted their first “kebapche” and “kiufte” with “lutenitza” sauce, part of our basic diet here in Bulgaria. 

Rila Monastery

Happy Claudia at Happy restaurant
Once back in Sofia, Claudia had the opportunity to visit Pacas and Monroy’s flat, and to play with the PS2 (what a discovery for her!). The day ended with a dinner (all together) in the fantastic pizzeria Ugo. On Tuesday morning, we walked around the city centre, where they could buy some freak souvenirs like communist stuff, but also the Russian typical “matrioskas” and other innocent presents. We had lunch in “Happy” restaurant, another good place to eat for around 8-10 € (luxury for us, comparing it with what are we accustomed to), and they flew back to Spain. Short time here for my family, fucking air-controllers!!