28 de junio de 2011

One decision to make and trip to Istanbul. Days 110-111

 Days 110-111:

I wanted to keep the Golf and take it home!! But...

Since my time in Bulgaria was finishing (I pretended to return on Christmas), I had to take a decision about my car: what to do with it? The original idea was to return driving to Spain, a fantastic trip which could be took around 8-9 days, with enough time to visit many interesting spots on our way. Monroy was decided to come with me, and Miriam maybe would join. With three people, it would be a cheap trip, around 300-350 € per head including petrol, highway fees, hostels and food. The idea was exciting, but the problem was what to do with the car once in Spain. Of course, if I registered it, its price would be double than in Bulgaria (around 1.400 € in Spain, 700 € in Bulgaria), but the problem was just that: register it in Spain. Its engine isn’t original, it was equipped with a more powerful one, and this could be a problem when passing the technical revision (ITV) in Spain. I tried to obtain info about it, but nobody could certify me that it wouldn’t be a big (and expensive) problem in Spain. Too much uncertainty for such a limited economical margin... I thought about it for a few days, and finally I decided to leave it in Bulgaria and sell it. It was the safest option, the conservative and practical one, but it was really hard for me to say “good-bye” to this wonderful car, a classic model, one of my favorites. It’s not that easy to find a well-preserved Golf 2 GTD in Spain. But the decision was taken.

Fuck....  They no longer build cars like this

Too close to don't go there: ISTANBUL

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as Blue Mosque). Istanbul

Haghia Sophia Mosque
I forced myself to take that decision before our interesting 4-day trip to Istanbul, in order to don't think more about it. We flew to the Turkish capital at 6 AM on Thursday 9, December. Around 70 € per person the round trip flight. We were Eli, Miriam, Josemi, Adri, Pacas, Monroy and me. From the airport to the city centre (Taksim Square) one hour by bus, and from there walking to our nice and clean hostel (6 € per night!, Aga Haman Hostel). We spent our first day there visiting the huge and impressive Haghia Sophia and Blue Mosques, the touristic highlights. The city is giant (population: 16 million) and its historical buildings unlimited, so it's easier to start with that two superb Mosques. The entrance to the Blue Mosque is free, but you have to pay to enter Haghia Sophia, because it works as a museum. Firstly built as a Cathedral (1.500 years ago!!!), 900 years later was transformed into a Mosque, in an amazing process which resulted with all the catholic icons covered and many other changes. I'll try to write a little more in the next entries about the city's complex history, at least its most relevant facts and events.

Haghia Sophia
In the evening we bought some drinks to start the party in our hostel’s room, and later go to the crowded Istiklal street, full of clubs. Lots of Erasmus folks around there, we had fun. But shitty commercial music for too long time is unbearable for me, so after a while, I decided to go to a nearby rock club, and surprise: a rock-classics live concert!! As amazing as unexpected, around 3 hours of live music in a quality-covers non-stop frenzy: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, AC/DC… Awesome! We were there until closing time. Meanwhile, Sgt. Tellez was meeting intimately a Spanish girl who had met that night. This man never disappoints.  

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