15 de mayo de 2011

Again in Sofia.From one visit to another.Days 74-77

Days 74-77:

Our visitors left Sofia on Tuesday afternoon, after had been walking around the city and knowing some of its highlights (Ivan Vazov Theatre, Santa Sofia Cathedral…). They bought lots of freaky things (soviet hats and hipflasks, a gas mask from the cold war, Kalashnikov t-shirts…) in the street market beside A. Nevski cathedral. And their last lunch was the famous moussaka, and some other Bulgarian dishes.

Monroy, Luisma, Charli and Saúl
The next two days were quiet, studying and recovering some classes. But action backed very soon, because on Thursday night came three good friends: Charli, Luisma and Saúl. First thing we did after pick up them in the airport was go to Dybaka (yeah, it’s a routine). They enjoyed like children (and who not?). There was an Erasmus party in Club Alcohol to which we had been invited, so it was a nice opportunity for the newcomers to socialize. They took it seriously, partying until very late.

Tough opponent for me!
On Friday, 5th November, we had our first English Exam (level B2.1), which took us the entire morning to complete it (we passed). That afternoon we tried to play "beer-chess" in the square beside Ivan Vazov Theatre, but all the tables were busy and the only way to play was betting money with one of the elder local players. I tried it (and I lost, of course), while the rest were playing Spanish cards, game in which they feel much more powerful against bulgarian competitors... After that, it was time to plan and to prepare the car for a new trip: Veliko Tarnovo, in Bulgaria's heart!

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  1. ese tio enseño a jugara Topalov, y vas y le retas... nunca nos hemos distinguido por ser los mas listos de nuestra clase