3 de noviembre de 2010

Montenegro. Day 25

Día 25:

Por esta vez, y no sé si repetiré, voy a tratar de explicarme en inglés. Me ha parecido una buena forma de practicar... Se admiten correcciones. Allá voy:

Budva is a great place to spend a shiny day like this September 14Th. But we want to see some nearby places before lying down in the beach. Sveti Stefan is one of them. This unique small village is now a luxury resort where you need to be staying to access inside the walls. Of course, we and our tight budget only can see it from the not-so-cool outside. Five hundred years ago Sveti Stefan was a fishermen's village, and today it still looks like the same thing, no matter if Sophia Loren, Kirk Douglas or Marilyn Monroe have spent their holidays here a few decades ago. Nowadays, it's not so exclusive, but still glamorous and special. We try to get inside but -of course- a pair of gorillas stops us. I suppose my fluorescent orange swimming shorts and blue t-shirt have betrayed me as an outsider.

View over the coast. Sveti Stefan is in the centre of the image

Driving a few kilometers to the south, we arrive Petrovac, another beautiful coastal village. We enjoy a nice view over the harbour while having an ice-cream. Prices are growing up since we are not in Albania. On the road back to Budva, we find a small hidden beach, perfect to go for the first swim in the Adriatic Sea. Ahh... we stay here a few hours, relaxing.


Budva's Beach

Once back in Budva, we go to a typical restaurant recommended by the Lonely Planet guide, very nice one!. This is an example of another valuable thing this guide can help us: finding good and cheap places to eat. We spend the last hours of sunlight lying down in Budva's beach, after paid a 5 € tax to stay there... fuck!!

Budva's Old City
Budva is the most touristic village in all Montenegro, with a mixture between historic interest (with its Old City, and the fact that this is one of the oldest settlements in the entire Adriatic, with more than 2.500 years old), turquoise blue beaches and active night life. We walk through the narrow streets of the Old City, beautiful too at night-time. Having dinner in a fish-restaurant, they give us the biggest ration I have ever seen. Those were pots, not dishes! Anyway, around 6 € per person for that huge quantity of food, it's not a bad deal. On our way back to the apartment, we see tens of enormous yachts tied in the harbour, more or less like a small "Marbella". We are on our room around 1.00 A.M. ready to recover energies for the next day: heading North!

This is too much... even for me!

Video from americans Lamb Of God. No connection with the entry but... Never mind!!

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  1. Otra buena forma de practicarlo es leyéndole!! Q moral, amí q me cuesta hacerlo en español ... eso sí esta entrada ha sido algo más corta ehh!! Jejeje

  2. Jajaja... ya ves, a ver si mantengo la moral, porque viene bien hacerlo en inglés. Sí que han sido más cortitas las descripciones jajaja...